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We are committed to providing the highest quality decorative glass solutions in the industry.

  • We work with architects, designers, contractors, and manufacturers.
  • With overhead cranes and special gear, we handle very large glass sizes.
  • We can provide glass specs for architects and designers.
  • Finished work is crated in-house for safe shipment or on-site delivery.
  • We ship worldwide.
We can accurately reproduce photographs on glass.

Surface etching -- Exposed areas are sand blasted - up to 100-percent coverage on the glass surface - to create etched designs.

Shading -- the effect of blasting is deliberately varied from zero to 100 percent to produce apparent shades of gray in different areas of the design.

Decorative Laminated Glass -- Two or more sheets of glass are laminated together with decorative inner layers of polyvinyl. Other materials - such as wood, fabric, metals - may be added for endless design possibilities.

Surface Beveling -- We offer the look of beveled glass by cutting and polishing grooves in the surface of thicker glass panels. The proces is computer driven so that line pattern drawings may be converted to grooves in the glass. Light refracts and highlights much the same way as with assembled beveled panels.

Color added -- Where well-defined color is important, the addition of pigment in the blasted areas of etched glass or the inner layer of laminated glass may be used. This can be effective for signage and in some difficult lighting situations.

Know what you want on the glass? We can scan designs sent via the Internet and have them ready to plot in record time. If you need help deciding what would be appropriate for your project, we offer many more designs ideas from the extensive print library in our showroom and our digital data base. Most any designs can be sized to fit your dimensional needs, and elements from different designs can be combined, altered or augmented using our computer software and plotting capabilities.

We also work with designers to create innovative original art to meet special requirements for individuals and corporate resellers. Whether you need a single reproduction for a home restoration or a thousand cabinet door inserts, we will work with you to create a design you are satisfied with, and a final product that you will treasure.

Our computer graphics software in combination with two vinyl cutting plotters allow us to quickly and efficiently create our own stencils on various material. To reproduce photo-realistic designs with fine detail that is impossible to computer cut, we use photo-sensitive medium applied directly to the glass to create one-of-a-kind signage, or to reproduce drawings and photographs on glass. Quantity orders can be mass produced by screen printing the stencil directly to the glass in preparation for sandblast etching. Once the design is applied, our two glass-washing machines, an infrared dryer, and an extensive racking system allow us to complete all production demands.

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